Restorative Justice
in Music Education

Welcome To Restorative Justice in Music Education! This is the place for easy access to resources and lesson-planning tools that focus on adopting restorative justice in music education. Here you will find suggestions for class activities, step-by-step circle plans, colourful downloadable graphics, and so much more!

This project is “living” in the sense that users are able to contact me directly with questions and suggestions. It is not a resource that should be used once or twice before moving on to the next trend. Human connection is key for users to walk the path of restorative justice in education.

🚨PLEASE NOTE🚨 It is important that you do not solely rely on this resource. Restorative justice in education should be adopted in a holistic manner. Without adopting restorative justice in education as a way of being, we risk causing harm. Please consider this as you begin your journey with restorative justice in education. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!

photo by: Rebecca Rendell

Sarah McDonald is a graduate of Memorial University's Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Education: Educational Leadership Studies Programs. Throughout her schooling, Sarah has taken a keen interest in Restorative Justice and Indigenous knowledge and ways of being. Sarah is a current member of Lady Cove Women's Choir, and Projēkt Chamber Voices. She has been a featured soloist with both of these groups and has traveled all over the world with choral and instrumental groups as a chorister and as a conductor. Sarah is the music director at Crescent Collegiate in Blaketown, NL where she is responsible for classroom music, band, and choir.

Inspirational Words

This poem is a beautiful example of an opening or closing for circles in the classroom.
Margaret Wheatley has graciously granted permission for the use of her work in this project.